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A Project of the National Federation of the Blind of Kentucky

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About Us


A Project of the national Federation of the Blind(NFB) of Kentucky affiliate.
Serving Kentuckians with visual and print Disabilities

The National Federation of the Blind believes in the inalienable right for individuals to control their own destiny by making well informed choices about community events, activities and state, national, and world affairs! Eligible Kentuckians can become better informed about daily issues that impact the quality of life through the NFB-NEWSLINE KENTUCKY connection to the local community, state of residence, national and international newspapers and magazines— more than 370 publications from which to choose.


Businesswoman, Pamela Roark-Glisson says, “Having the community connection available through the newspaper helps all Kentuckians learn about employment opportunities, recreational activities, Church events, business competitors, stock markets, and other vital information used to develop into a well-informed, successful citizen.” NEWSLINE Technical Assistant, John Glisson says, “I’m not likely to take advantage of community events and activities if I can’t know where and how to go.”


Minimal funding has existed to support ‘in the trenches’ operations to maximize the unprecedented benefits of the NFB-NEWSLINE service to Kentuckians. The NFB Kentucky Affiliate provides in-kind support for NFB-NEWSLINE KENTUCKY (registering subscribers, serving as liaison between the KY subscriber and the national office to resolve individual or content problems, printing and mailing the Welcome Packet to the KY subscriber, initiating follow-up contact to evaluate the ease of use of the service, and many other operational activities).


The national NFB-NEWSLINE® team are all committed to providing quality time-sensitive audio information FREE to individuals who cannot effectively use print materials!


Resolution: How many times have you turned on the TV in the middle of what appears to be an outstanding movie or program but cannot discover the title, beginning time or date, and time for future viewing? NFB-NEWSLINE KENTUCKY eliminates that frustration and anger through providing 13 days of TV programming scheduling by choosing TV Listings on the Main Menu of NFB-NEWSLINE®.


Education: Have you heard about a very important issue in your home neighborhood on Radio or TV news broadcasts but with extremely limited details and needed to know more? The eligible Kentuckian can conduct a search on the audio information service of a specific term or phrase using the Global Search feature that will result in all newspaper and/or magazine articles that address the issue and, thusly, provide necessary information with which to make intelligent decisions.


Have you as a student or your child as a parent been faced with being deprived of the joy of learning and producing when the teacher assigns a research project targeting current events but relegates you or your child to a lesser nonmeaningful assignment? Use the Global Search feature and become a leader among your nondisabled peers in main stream education!


Emergency Alerts: Do you hear the “Beep Beep Beep” on the TV and read the emergency alert to move toward your basement or safest place in your home to avoid catastrophy and perhaps death from an approaching tornado but then fear for your loved one who happens to be blind and unable to know what the ‘beeping’ indicates and lives too far for you to help? Or are you the person who is blind hearing the ‘beeping’ and have no idea how to respond? NFB-NEWSLINE KENTUCKY provides the audio emergency alert announcement on the touch-tone telephone when there is an emergency weather alert!


Employment: Are you an individual with a disability seeking employment with no idea of jobs available or assisted in pursuing the job of someone else’s choice for you? Use Job Search by Career Builder off the main menu and explore all available jobs in any location of choice.


Would you like to explore the new businesses of your community and discover new opportunities to network to expand your business? The daily newspaper is a powerful tool!


Family: Do you have children or grandchildren living in other parts of the country who are making the news but have no way to read the newspaper accounts independently? Choose from over 300 newspapers across the nation and internationally to get the first-hand report by dialing up NFB-NEWSLINE KENTUCKY.


Advanced: Do you need information from a great number of specific sections from many publications but just can’t take the time to navigate to each of the publications and then to the specific section to discover certain articles containing the information that you need? Take it to the Bank with ‘My Newspaper’ in the Favorites list off the main menu where you can establish your own newspaper containing as many sections from different publications as you may need. My Newspaper refreshes daily or as the newest edition emerges without any further action on your part!