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Web News On Demand

With Web News On Demand you can still enjoy reading your papers that are offered on the service over the Web. You will still have access to your favorites as well as to the content of your Local Information channel, all of the newspapers, magazines and TV listings that you always had, but with different functionality, including an enhanced search capability. Additionally, you can select to have a paper, section, or article e-mailed to you on demand.


How to Use Web News On Demand


You will first need to sign the contract which signifies your understanding of our policy regarding terms of use. Once that is done, you can begin to read your papers either online, or you can have your paper, or section, or article therein, sent to you by e-mail. The full paper and the section of the paper will be sent out in DAISY III format. If you just want an individual article, however, it will be sent out in the body of the e-mail. If you are not receiving the requested newspaper, section, or article, please check your junk e-mail folder. If these e-mails are being placed in your junk folder, you will need to have your e-mail account recognize the sender (which is as valid so that it will deliver all of these e-mails into your inbox. Additionally, as with any capability that you have through the NFB-NEWSLINE® service to view the text of newspapers, outside distribution of the newspaper content is strictly prohibited. Our terms of use agreement specifies our restrictions as regards the dissemination of these materials; you will need to agree to our terms after logging in to Web News on Demand for the first time.


Why not try Web News on Demand now? Available on each page of this site is a login button, simply enter your codes, read and agree to our terms of use statement, and you can access all of the information you need on the Web. On the Web News on Demand page you'll find the options familiar to you from the phone-based NFB-NEWSLINE® service, as follows:


My Favorite Publications: You'll find your favorite papers and magazines here.


Information Specific to Your State: Become informed on important issues affecting your state, such as state agency news or organizational news.


Publications for Your State: As with the phone-based service, your publications for your state are easily accessible, all of your papers are available here.


Publications Organized by State: Select this option to get papers from all across the country, organized into groups by state (this includes groupings for national and Spanish-language papers as well as for magazines).


Publications Organized Alphabetically: You'll get a comprehensive list of all of the publications; this list makes searching for a specific newspaper particularly easy.


Magazines: All of the magazines offered on the service under one heading.


TV Listings: Learn what's on TV tonight, or next week!